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March 3, 2021

What Is SEO?

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This article will give you a brief overview of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). What it is, how important it is, and how it can help you and your business.

So you have a professionally built website; it runs fast, it looks great, you can't wait for people to see it...but how do you attract visitors to it?

This is where SEO comes in.

SEO is the science behind how search engines like Google recommend your content to it's visitors in order to solve your query.

That's SEO in a nutshell, but what does this mean?

When a new website is launched, Google, Yahoo and even Bing do their best to work out what your website is about, what you're offering, and if it can help it's visitors.

You can make this process easier by implementing a number of different methods such as correctly naming your titles with important keywords or adding descriptions to your images, but that's not the purpose of this article.

You need to show search engines your website is the best solution for a particular query, the more authority and trust you have, the higher that rank will be.

Why is SEO important?

These are the main benefits of SEO;

  1. High Ranks Increase Credibility
  2. SEO Targets High-Quality Traffic
  3. SEO Increases Sales

High Ranks Increase Credibility

Increase Trust

When your site is on the first page of Google, it automatically creates credibility for your business and it's services. People are more likely to trust brands that look professional, have good reviews, and have an updated website. How many times have you looked on Google for a product or service and made it to page 3 before you've found what you're looking for? Never? Me neither.

SEO Targets High-Quality Traffic

Searching Google

Another benefit of ranking high is that the majority of visitors clicking on your site will be 'warm traffic'. These are people that know what they want and are looking to get it now or very soon. These types of customers are much easier to convert, and by having a professional looking website, brand, and great customer service, it won't be hard to turn these visitors into paying customers.

Most Importantly, SEO Increases Sales!

Purchasing Online

The average #1 result on Google has an average click-through rate of 32%. 32% of all searches for your business industry click on whoever is at the top. And guess what, if that's not you, it's your competition! Check out this post by Backlinko who analysed 5 million google search results for some more statistics.

These are just a few benefits of SEO, and as you can see, it can be huge for your online business. Check out our other article to learn more about SEO and how you can improve your onsite SEO. The Digital Engineers offer these SEO services, as well as Website Design and would love it if you got in touch to discuss how we can help you out!

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